Elegant Ponytail Extensions

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Get an amazing ponytail in the fastest time possible!

Imagine having a perfect ponytail on point without having to grow your hair or if your hair is too thin, especially if you needed that instant ponytail on a formal event or a party, Our Elegant Ponytail Extensions is Designed to give you that instant elegance that you wanted, and you the best part is you can just do it in minutes!

  • It's easy to use! Just wrap it around your ponytail and clip in to get that instant length.¬†¬†
  • Durable and long-lasting.¬†
  • Made of natural fiber that was recently developed which performs remarkably like human hair. 100% Premium natural tangible¬†fiber with a soft, natural touch and great curl retention. Please avoid using high heat irons¬†
  • Match your hair color and choose from a wide variety of shades.¬†


  • Lightweight¬†- The¬†Full Glam Ponytail Extensions¬†weighs about 100g which¬†is so light that after days of wearing it you wont even feel like its there at all. So no more worrying about the ponytail falling off because of weight
  • Strong Hair Strand¬†- Each hair is made out of 100% Natural Heat Resistant fiber so it's 100% safe for heat and color dye
  • Easy Install¬†- The¬†Full Glam Ponytail Extensions¬†comes with an easy install clip-in comb with Hair ties¬†and velcros so no more need to add thick and heavy bands or clips.
  • Elegant Design¬†- This¬†Elegant¬†Ponytail extension¬†has a unique hair tie design to look like it were your real hair and were carefully designed to look like a real human hair color.

  • Create a ponytail using your natural hair, secure it using a hair band.
  • Attach combs of the¬†Full Glam ponytail to the top of the ponytail you created.
  • Hold the velcro strap and pull it¬†under the ponytail.
  • Secure the velcro and continue wrapping the long strap around the ponytail to cover the band.
  • Secure¬†with bobby pins for a completed look.
  • Enjoy rocking your new, full, and gorgeous pony!
 UPDATE: We have been blowing up on social media, For this reason, This product is only available for a limited time and the supplies will run out soon, Get yours before it's gone.



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